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ADA KARMI-MELAMEDE ARCHITECTS was established in 1985 upon Karmi-Melamede's return from fifteen years of teaching and working in the United States. The practice has been involved in a range of projects of public and private scale, including The Supreme Court of Israel, numerous educational buildings, research facilities, industrial plants, housing and private residences. The work extends from large scale urban design to small scale interiors, including custom designed furniture and fittings. "We strive to create buildings and environments that are responsive to each individual program and setting, and express the way they are made through careful detailing in the design phase and continuous involvement in the construction process. To the extent possible, we rely on local building technologies and systems as well as available materials. We work in an environment where local craft and industry are still very prevalent. This forces us to continually experiment and challenge our instincts and insights. A constant dialogue with our clients and an ongoing collaboration with our consultants support the entire design process. We believe that Architecture is about making real places and we strive to minimize the gap between substance and appearance. Creative architecture is about now and before, deriving its essence from extending and interpreting both for the long term."




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Architecture in Palestine During the British mandate, 1917-1948. Ada Karmi-Melamede and Dan Price. Published in 2011 by Tel-Aviv Museum of Art


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