A House

This house is situated on a sloping terrain facing the Old City of Jerusalem within a landmarked neighborhood. Massing, skyline, stone façades, red tiled roofs and openings had to remain intact while the internal spaces could be altered.‏

We carved out and redesigned the interior which contains four storeys. We located on the entry level a foyer, a kitchen, a dining area and a master bedroom, the living and study above, the children and guest bedroom below, and a studio and a playroom on the basement level.‏

Getting natural light into the lower levels was a major design theme and thus the floor plans were derived primarily from the section.‏

Circular stairs wind through the space bisecting each level at a different location and creating continuous and long diagonal views through the entire house. Light follows the elongated movement  pattern and penetrates deep into the space. It transforms the spatial experience and changes the mood between the public and the private levels.
Created by Lior Mark