L House
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L House

This house is situated on sloping terrain in a picturesque, land-marked Jerusalem neighborhood with direct views to the Old City. Strict zoning regulations apply to the entire area and require complete preservation of the stone facades of the houses.

The program comprised of a living room, kitchen and dining, five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a sauna.

The architectural concept evolved from the need to channel light to the lower levels, consequently the building is lighter at the top and more massive at the bottom.

The unique vista towards the Old City determined the internal horizontal organization of the house, whereas its vertical order derived from the entry at mid-slope.

Constrained by the heavy stone building envelope, the vertical dimension of the house was expanded and relaxed through a process of digging and carving into the rock.

Two independent stairs connect the four levels of the house and act as light wells. They create a dynamic flow of space which transmits and reflects light from above and from the sides, continuously varying and alternating its intensity and mood.

Created by Lior Mark