Rova Lev Hair Residential Complex
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Rova Lev Hair Residential Complex

Lev Ha'ir is located on a sloping terrain in an old residential area of low density in the center of Tel-Aviv. The project contains 176 apartments of different shapes and sizes in a U shaped, six storey high building that frames the central area of the site where a twenty two storey tower is situated.

A new topography was created through the entire area. Sunken courtyards extend from the apartments below grade and an elevated green courtyard sits above grade forming continuous green belts and buffers below and above eye level, and bringing sunlight lower into the building.
Two “floating bridges” stretched above the sunken courtyards create entrances to the project from the North. These become paths which continue into the various lobbies of the U shaped building. On the South side, a ramp slowly ascends to the center where the taller apartment tower is located. It bisects the site diagonally, opening a visual corridor along its entire length.

Lev Ha'ir is an inward looking urban project where the landscaping and the public and private scales work together in an orchestrated sequence of spaces to allow a higher density neighborhood to fit into its surroundings.

Created by Lior Mark