Keshet Eylon Music Center
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Keshet Eylon Music Center

Keshet Eilon is a music center located in the western Galilee, on a sloping site, overlooking a rich, green landscape that extends to the horizon. It houses varied and diverse functions, including teaching classrooms, practice rooms, an ensemble hall as well as students’ and faculty accommodations.

Keshet Eilon is a vibrant destination for music – modern, classical, local, international and more – where all the forms aim to enrich one another. The center hosts public and private events and activities.

The new architectural masterplan creates a focal point for the entire site – a piazza towards which the diverse functions gravitate. It is situated on a topographical level that mediates between the parking area along the eastern boundary and the green strip along the western boundary below.

The piazza is surrounded by a shaded arcade that leads to classrooms and connects to upper and lower levels of the site. An amphitheater situated at the edge of the piazza follows the natural slope of the terrain and offers a constant stage for musical events and for everyday contemplation. By tying the various functions together and offering a clear public gathering space, the piazza will become the heart of the new campus, there for the enjoyment of students, faculty and visitors alike.

Created by Lior Mark