M House
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M House

A house in search of light

This house is located in a dense neighborhood of lots averaging around 300 square meters. Size limitations led to a unique, introverted private space.

The house is comprised of a set of defined, contained spaces chained together by a grand, large scale circulation zone. This space forms a distinct, independent element which moves through the house in both horizontal and vertical directions. Southern light is introduced into the volume. It bounces off the white surfaces and renders them soft and cosy. In this way circulation and light are combined to form the order of the inner space within the most private aspect of the house, which at the same time, expresses its most public aspect. Rather than an 'open plan', the house has an 'open section' that uses vertical space as a medium, threaded between rooms to connect private and public functions through a ceremonial architectural event. Thus, back and front, house and garden, sky and earth, and shade and shadow are linked by the use of voids that penetrate the entire structure.

Created by Lior Mark