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A House by the Sea

This house in Ashkelon is situated on an elevated, sandy terrain that overlooks the Mediterranean sea. The concept of this linear house evolves from the inspiration of this proximity.

Narrow and long parcels of land create elongated strips perpendicular to the coast line. The sea is present at every corner of these sites. Far ahead its sharp horizontal line which separates sky and water ondulates - keeps coming and going.

The house is about a 'route' – a corridor towards the sea. It starts off from a clear and defined threshold fronting onto the street and acting as an anchor to the architectural composition. A set of columns and a continuous glass façade delineate the route which faces onto the private garden along its length.

The living room is a free standing object placed in the garden and entered by a small 'bridge'. It is a room in and of itself creating an internal focus for the more private zone of the house.

An eliptical stair situated at the entry pulls the circulation upwards to the roof which overlooks the sea.

The route changes continuously along its axis, both vertically and horizontally. Its internal dynamic space is stretched between edges far beyond itself.

Created by Lior Mark