Ramat Hanadiv VC
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Ramat Hanadiv VC

Zichron Yaacov

This building is located between a vast parking area which is designed to serve the public and Ramat Hanadiv Memorial Gardens.

The architectural concept evolved from the need to create a foyer in front of the gardens which will function as a meeting place for the diverse groups of visitors.

The architectural composition extends approximately 150 meters in a curvilinear fashion. It contains an auditorium, classrooms, small courtyards, an exhibition space and a small cafeteria at the extremity. These functions are housed within a berm formed by two sloping and landscaped surfaces that lean against each other with light penetrating in between.

A pedestrian path, lit by indirect light from above, stretches the entire length of the berm connecting all the various functions.
Three passages cross the berm and connect the parking area with the open foyer. The central passage faces directly onto the gate of the Memorial Gardens and joins its formal axis.

A landscape of tranquility and splendor embraces the axis.

Created by Lior Mark