Rivlin House
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Rivlin House

The house is located in a suburb north of Tel-Aviv, two miles away from the Mediterranean.

The rear of the site is lyrical, reminiscent of old times, with uncultivated vegetation, whereas the front faces new development.

The house mediates between these conditions and creates a place for itself with its own identity.

The natural sloping terrain of the site is used to enhance the privacy of the house and to elongate the passage from the lower level to the roof through multiple landscaped terraces (not sure this is true).

The front part of the house is carved into the land and descends one floor below grade , allowing light, air and green to enter from a sunken courtyard.

The upper level (I think there’s only one upper level, no? – I sadly haven’t seen this house!) and the quiet independent studyat the back are linked by a corridor that extends outside through a set of stairs that leads to the roof (is this plural?). A linear narrow pool accompanies this route , reflecting light across its length and elongating the natural perspective.

The house has three floors in the front and one at the back which houses a quiet independent room that functions as a study.

An introverted courtyard which settles in between extends from the living room, and remains on the same level. It is the focus and the heart of the entire house.

Created by Lior Mark