Rosh Pina Museum
Project options

Rosh Pina Museum

The proposed building is assimilated into the surrounding landscape, preserving the slopes of the adjacent land and continuing them over the roof plane with vegetation covering it in its entirety.

The building is revealed to passers-by through the entrance plaza dug out of the green slope and by the elevator body protruding from it. This body protrudes from the roof plane and connects the floors of the building with the upper terrace at the back of the lot.

The entrance plaza draws the level of pavement outside the lot toward it and creates a secure and intimate break wrapped in greenery and open to the sky above.

This place is intended for time-out, slowdown and convergence outside the building.

The building has four levels:

  • In the basement - room machines and public utilities
  • In the ground there is a visitor center, cafeteria, workshops and offices
  • On the first floor - a museum
  • On the roof is a beveled slope that was crossed by a public staircase

The diagonal trajectory climbs onto the building, dividing the roof level into two green surfaces that connect to the floors below. The route also connects the entrance plaza with the existing terrace on the way to the restoration site. It is open to the entire length of the sky and tightens the visual connection between the restoration site on the ridge and the cemetery opposite.

At the top of the step are separate and downstream as mentioned in the founders of the settlement and in the old days. There is no place in the land where Rishonim and Achronim look at each other like this. This special meeting is the essence of the project.

Created by Lior Mark