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Teva VC

Ramat-Hovav, Israel

The Visitors’ Center in Ramat Hovav is housed within a building which functions as the main entry to the actual pharmaceutical plant and also contains a central dining hall, three conference rooms and a large auditorium.

The building is comprised of two wings with a space in between which opens towards a green and shaded garden that stretches through the entire plant and protected (is the garden protected or the building?) from heat and glare.

The green belt which traverses through the site separates the production zone from research and development. It is accessible to everyone along its axis and offers meeting places of repose and quiet en route to the dining hall.

Aluminum and terracotta tiles cover the building. These reflect and absorb light and glare, and resist the harsh winds of this desert area. With time, these winds will make their mark on the building by adding a natural sandlblasted patina to the surface.

The silver of the aluminum, the warmth of the terracotta and the lush green of the garden form a rich composition and palette which settle against the endless landscape of the dunes.

Created by Lior Mark